Ok…..I admit it…..It’s January 1st 2018 at 9am…..and I’m drunk…..probably like a lot of other people today.


But reflecting upon my life’s experiences, I’m just a little bit frustrated at the injustice of how things happen when you get involved with a female that has a history of sexual abuse.  It ends up hurting your heart and soul, and it takes a LONG TIME to understand just what really happened.


Yes, if you haven’t guessed…..I’m a MAN, and alfa male, a lone wolf, a sexual machine that enjoys bringing pleasure to a woman almost more than getting sexual satisfaction of my own penis.


I was a domestic partner for nearly 3 years with a female (not sure I would define her as a woman, because in the end she was bat shit crazy) ….that would grab my penis, and work it into an erection and take me inside of her…..and then get mad??

About half the time she would take me into her mouth, then spit in the sink…..and get mad??

After 6 years of hindsight….I THINK I UNDERSTAND, and here is the SOLUTION for all of the men out there in the same situation.

Her sexual abuse began at 7 years of age when her sister’s boyfriend (later husband, and maybe even the father of her children) forced her at knife point into oral sex.  After that it was nearly a daily event for the next seven years until she finally had intercourse with a boy and got a boyfriend and didn’t need the abuse anymore.

But, what that created was a female child that learned the power of sex over men and the resentment after the act.

Even some 50 years later, that latent effect of the mental turmoil remains.  Every time she desires sexual interaction and even instigates it, after the interaction she is mad at the male that she interacted with.

Damaged goods…..can’t be fixed.

So if you’re a MAN involved with a female that takes you in, and then gets MAD……investigate the root cause of the anger.  If your tied up with DAMAGED GOODS  my advice to you is RUN!!  It will never really be ok, and it will never be fixed or cured.  Ultimately it will cost you heart and soul, heartbreak and financial ruin.

Good Luck,

A man finally at peace with his wife



Make America Great Again


Daily prompt was “Criticize”, well…..lets share some of MY thoughts

  1. If your going to benefit from living here get in line with the duly elected officials that have obtained the right to govern and lead this country.  In my opinion, the choice could have been far worse than the outcome and frankly I’M PLEASED Donald Trump is the duly elected President Trump of our United States of America
  2. VP Pence was the best thing that has ever happened to this country
  3. Mad Dog was also a GOOD decision for the leadership of this country

Get over it, the election is over all the liberal feeding off the system has been “trumped” by the results of the election which indicate THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE COUNTY DOESN’T AGREE WITH THE ONES MAKING THE MOST NOISE AND CREATING THE MOST RESISTANCE TO A POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE DIRECTION THIS COUNTRY IS GOING

Android Studio Location Awareness

In the pursuit of creation of a meaningful application, the amount of research on code examples, gradle configurations, server configurations, API credentials and permissions has become a full time pursuit.

Along the way, I discover that what was learned before is still useful; however, it requires a new look at old concepts that have been “jar” wrapped into libraries.

I am amazed at the 3 steps forward for the 2 steps back as the IDE rules and updates force a continuous examination of what works now.

Another Gradle Build cycle

Programming code takes forever to compile and debug, the tools have really advanced and the complexity of the systems boggles the mind when you stop and think about how many tens of thousands of not just LINES of code, but files and folders that are being linked together to make one APK for your phone.

I think it is amazing

What do you think?