Make America Great Again


Daily prompt was “Criticize”, well…..lets share some of MY thoughts

  1. If your going to benefit from living here get in line with the duly elected officials that have obtained the right to govern and lead this country.  In my opinion, the choice could have been far worse than the outcome and frankly I’M PLEASED Donald Trump is the duly elected President Trump of our United States of America
  2. VP Pence was the best thing that has ever happened to this country
  3. Mad Dog was also a GOOD decision for the leadership of this country

Get over it, the election is over all the liberal feeding off the system has been “trumped” by the results of the election which indicate THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE COUNTY DOESN’T AGREE WITH THE ONES MAKING THE MOST NOISE AND CREATING THE MOST RESISTANCE TO A POSITIVE CHANGE IN THE DIRECTION THIS COUNTRY IS GOING

Android Studio Location Awareness

In the pursuit of creation of a meaningful application, the amount of research on code examples, gradle configurations, server configurations, API credentials and permissions has become a full time pursuit.

Along the way, I discover that what was learned before is still useful; however, it requires a new look at old concepts that have been “jar” wrapped into libraries.

I am amazed at the 3 steps forward for the 2 steps back as the IDE rules and updates force a continuous examination of what works now.

Another Gradle Build cycle

Programming code takes forever to compile and debug, the tools have really advanced and the complexity of the systems boggles the mind when you stop and think about how many tens of thousands of not just LINES of code, but files and folders that are being linked together to make one APK for your phone.

I think it is amazing

What do you think?