I am a developer, born in 1958
In 1979 was the first exposure to an IBM360 mainframe with keypunch cards
Then in the 1980’s worked with 8088’s, and built 80286’s, then built 80386’s using DOS and Pre-ANSI C compiler with WordPerfect, and DOS programs including AutoCad
Then in the 1990’s came building the Pentium machines and loading us the ever changing versions of Windows 3.1 to 95 to Vista to XP, and Coherent for UNIX and loading up AOL for internet access through a phone modem along with AutoCad and all the changing versions, then came the Microsoft Office Suites along with QuickBooks Pro….then came the laptop, a portable little device…and the access started to change to the internet
In the 2000’s now we have Android, and Windows 10, and LINEX….and the compilers have gone wild…Visual C++, Android Studio, Borland….and the access through WIFI and Mobile 4G networks has made our smartphones nearly as powerful as the best computers on the market….

No wonder I feel overwhelmed….it’s been a fun journey…and I think we all have Bill Gates, and Google to thank for it